GAME REVIEW: Layers of Fear

You find yourself in the entry hall of what appears to be a manor in the early twentieth century, a heavy rain obscuring the glass panels of the door behind you. Who you might be, where you might be, and why you might be there are all unknown to you as you use the click […]

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Carrion – Game Review

If you are like myself, you have watched a movie like The Thing and wondered what it would be like to be the amorphous parasite, sneaking from room to room only to unleash your fury on an unsuspecting lab worker. While we may never get the chance to roam the North American research station in […]

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The Tell Tale Heart (2020 short)

As some of you may know I (Kaleb Morgan) cohost a podcast called Macabre Media Podcast. About a month ago a Twitter user with the handle @telltalefilm messaged me privately on my personal account sharing that they would love if Jorge and I left a review. Over the past month I have been inundated with […]

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