Hereditary (2018)

QUICK NOTE ON MOVIE HYPE: By now you have heard everything about Hereditary. You have heard it is the scariest movie of all time. You have heard it induced panic attacks in audience members. You have heard that it is overrated. You have heard it got a D+ score on Cinema Score. You have heard everything in between, and it can be confusing. My two cents on the matter is everyone enjoys different things. We get hyped up and we get disappointed as viewers when it doesn’t pay off. So my strategy has been to avoid it all. Allow yourself to get excited, but don’t listen to the noise. Avoid the trailers, tv spots, interviews, all of that. Avoid it until after you see the film. That is how you can form your own opinion on the matter. Now. Below is my first reaction of Hereditary, written about an hour after I left the theater on opening night. Enjoy.

First Reactions:

Holy fuck. Let me try and gather my thoughts here.

1st. Go in blind. Don’t read anything. Don’t watch anything. Just go see it. 

Now: This is hands down one of the best horror movies I have ever seen. What you are in for is two hours of pure, gut wrenching dread. The attitude, the execution, the style, the content, the acting, all of it. This movie is designed to break you. It is designed to fuck with you in every sense imaginable. There are some unforgettable moments in this movie. I mean that in the sense that there is shit that I cannot get out of my head. It is burned there for life. There is a noise so sickening that I am sure I will hear that til the day I die. And I mean all of this as a compliment.
A24 continues to produce and distribute high quality, high level horror.
I could say this is like The Witch, but only in the sense that it leaves you with such an evil feeling as the credits roll. I could say this is like Drag Me to Hell, but that still pigeonholes it. This movie is an amalgamation of so many amazing horror films, yet wholly its own. There is Exorcist here. There is Insidious here. There is Wicker Man. There is Creepshow. This is a film that has learned so many tricks from so many places and executes them in stellar fashion.

Toni Collette deserves an Oscar for this role. Ann Doyd is phenomenal. Alex Wolff is excellent. (THIS KID WAS IN THE NAKED BROTHERS BAND) This is gut-wrenching horror. There are jump-scares, but they don’t hold a candle to the atmosphere that this film subjects you to and holds you captive for hours. Hereditary is a bar raiser and it is a fucking powerhouse.

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