FREAKY FRIDAY: An Interview With Nick Tofani

By Jordan Gerdes

I came across Nick’s artwork through chance on Twitter, and was super impressed. As a fan and writer of short stories, his Instagram is loaded with spooky artwork from short stories. His style is very unique, these black and white nightmarish etchings, that evoke something so primal and dreamlike. I am extremely excited to have him on here to share his passion with you all. So let’s get started.

FoF: First and foremost, tell us about yourself.

I’m an illustrator out of Massachusetts who loves horror, comics, monsters, and fast food restaurant lore.

FoF: What do you do? And why do you like it?

I draw a lot of creeps and it’s great to just get those ideas out there so other people can suffer with me. Making a mundane phrase horrific with an illustration is just a lot of fun.

FoF: Explain a little bit of your process? Where do you find your inspiration?
My process is very improvisational I almost never plan anything and just go for it and see what takes shape, which is a benefit of having a short attention span. I draw a lot of inspiration from the old EC Comics, horror movies, and of course the endless amount of scary stories made up or even true online, and my overactive imagination seeing things that probably aren’t there.

FoF: What drew you to horror in the first place?

First movie I remember seeing as a kid was Child’s Play 2 which just stuck with me because of how terrified it made me of dolls, and yet for some reason thrilled me enough to go purposefully seeking out things that scared me. I’ve always enjoyed being scared and it’s pretty great to give that feeling to other people too.

FoF: What is your favorite horror work?

The 90s HBO Tales from the Crypt television series. It was so hokey while still being unsettling with it’s imagery and I loved that balance.

FoF: What has been your favorite thing you have gotten to work on doing this

Just illustrating around typically innocuous phrases and making them creepy.

FoF: What role do you think your specific style of art/work plays in the community overall?

I guess that you can make anything seem scary if you really think about it.

FoF: Anything you are working on that you want to highlight?

I will take phrases for a small fee and draw something scary to go along with it, and it’s bee a lot of fun seeing what people come up with that they’d like to see interpreted. I’m also working on a short horror visual novel game that i’m pretty excited about.

FoF: Anything else you’d like to say/add?

Go do yourself a favor and watch the original Tales from the Crypt show if you’ve never done so. A lot of them are really cheesy but so fun. Anthology horror is so important and we need more of it in media.

There you have it folks. I want to thank Nick for taking the time to answer these questions and for gracing my twitter feed with nightmare fuel.

Follow Nick on Instagram and on Twitter at @OneTrickTofani

Join us back here next week for another interview!

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