Preview: Osgood As Gone

by Kaleb Morgan

On March 8th on the year of our Lord 2019, I got a private message to the Instagram of Macabre Media Podcast. It was from someone with the handle of Spectralinspector. The message ended up being from an author by the name of Cooper Beckett.

Cooper is a queer author, who had never written genre fiction prior to the cosmic horror mystery novel, “Osgood As Gone”. Previously he had written fiction on non-monogamy with titles, “A Life Less Monogamous” and “Approaching The Swingularity: Tales of Swinging & Polyamory in Paradise”.

With a history in of writing horror short stories and being a fan himself, Cooper (who oft calls himself Coop), was successful in his endeavor.

The main character is “queer female ghost hunter” Prudence Osgood, who generally goes by Osgood. She is a bad-ass with deep personal issues and a reliance on alcohol. The way the story plays out is reminiscent of pulp noir. Think of a cooler, non-monogamous, queer, female Dick Tracy but instead of repetitive mysteries, it’s cool ass paranormal mysteries.

The story is organic and dynamic, the dialogue reflects this. The conversations seem real and relatable. The way Osgood deals with internal struggles and evolves as a character is endearing and refreshing (as I generally don’t enjoy fiction). This is spoiler free so I’m avoiding plot details but the other characters aren’t set pieces and they are a part of the narrative. The fact that Cooper was vigilant enough to avoid this issue is impressive, especially considering it is a character-titled story.

Having a queer protagonist is a breath of fresh air. The subtleties of the LGBT+ struggle is well done and isn’t hamfisted but instead noticeable by those within the community. This story is a must read if you enjoy crime/cosmic horror genre fiction. Check it out here!

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