BOOK REVIEW: The Deep By Nick Cutter

By Jordan Gerdes

Following a global outbreak of a disease that makes people forget things until their bodies stop functioning, a team of scientists are dispatched to the bottom of the Mariana’s Trench to study a potential cure. After months, the station stops communicating and two people are dispatched to find out what has happened. What follows is a claustrophobic, dark look at the limits of the human psyche, isolationism, and how the planet we live on holds secrets much more ancient and evil than we can fathom.

I picked this up after reading Nick Cutter’s other two books The Troop and Little Heaven, both absolutely terrifying and phenomenal books. Cutter has become a favorite author of mine over the last year, as his style is written so viscerally. His pages are packed full of detail, while being so bleak and hopeless at the same time. Knowing I would enjoy it, I grabbed The Deep on a trip to Barnes and Noble. This combines elements of the other two novels of his I have read, as it does body horror and ancient unfathomable evil equally.

If I had to describe it quickly, The Deep is aquatic horror meets Lovecraftian convergence of otherworldly things. It is Event Horizon, but 8 miles below the ocean’s surface. Cutter has such a way of telling this tale and making you feel the isolation, the crushing black of a place that has never seen sunlight. There was a passage in this that was so disturbing and well written, it moved me to tears. I don’t think I have ever had that experience in a horror novel before.

If you enjoy H.P Lovecraft or Clive Barker, but enjoy fully fleshed out characters like Stephen King, I highly recommend Nick Cutter and highly recommend The Deep. At 416 pages, it’s a good read that will keep you turning pages all night long.

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