PREVIEW: Terror In The Skies

By Jordan Gerdes

DISCLAIMER: I was provided an advanced copy of this film for review. I was under no obligations by any party to provide favorable reviews, promotion, or anything else. I was offered no monetary compensation for my work. Everything below is of my own accord.

Terror In The Skies is a documentary that opens by questioning the unexplained, that at the heart of it is a desire to push boundaries and find some secrets still left in the world.

It’s a very stylized and beautiful watch, questioning the Chicago Mothman sightings. From recent phenomenon to Native American legends of Thunderbirds, this documentary explores less of the subject itself and more about how these groupings of sightings are built. One sighting sparks more, and soon you have a grouping or a flap of sightings until it fades back out. Told through interviews of investigators, and narration over illustrations, the story keeps your interest. I particularly enjoyed the more historical elements of Illinois.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a ton of hard evidence presented, but instead a lot of passed down stories and historical accounts of sightings. There is hysteria surrounding these sightings, leading to more embellished sighting stories. It’s super fun to turn off your logical side of the brain and think, what if this is true. And in that regard, Terror In The Skies is very entertaining. As someone who enjoys urban legends and conspiracies, cryptid sightings like this are awesome. It weaves a very engrossing story in the first two acts, that almost lets you suspend disbelief and think there may be some large prehistoric birds ready to snatch up children in the Illinois skies. However, the third act is mostly a group of interviewees reiterating that no one has really talked to any of these eyewitnesses and that in a city filled with CCTV cameras and crowded with people, it is very improbable that everyone is just missing this thing, whatever it may be.

I enjoyed this as a fan of the unexplained, as it all feels like a subject of the creature of the week on The X Files It’s an easy watch and presents a lot of fun “what if” scenarios, even if it doesn’t present any hard evidence, save for a grainy film of some large birds. If nothing else, it provides some seriously beautiful cinematography.

Terror in the Skies will be available to rent or own on Amazon Instant Video, Vimeo OnDemand, DVD and VIDI Space starting June 7th, 2019.

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