The Legend of The Brambleman

By Jordan Gerdes

Up in the bramble,
Where no one dares go,
There lived a dark creature
With eyes white, like snow.
His arms wrapped in thorns,
His feet oaken hoofs,
Not a person alive,
Has survived his look.
He lived to cause terror,
It was flesh that he sought,
For when the Brambleman came,
Your soul had been bought.

Legend tells he was born
From the womb of a witch.
He lay covered in blood,
And his mother, a ditch.
He crawled to the bramble,
And there he would stay.
For there it was dark,
And in the dark he did play.

So children beware,
Take heed of these words.
There are deep evil things
That still move in this world.
For if the Brambleman comes,
Lock your doors, hide your light
He is hungry for flesh,
And it may cost you your life.


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