31 Nights of Fright: An Interview with artist Falco Verholen

Tonight , once again, we have a late night entry! My fault for not staying on top of everything, but whatever! I want to welcome Falco Verholen, an artist and comic creator!

FoF: First and foremost, tell us about yourself.

FV: I’m Falco Verholen aka lifemachine. I wandered around trying to educate myself, trying to become a nurse and a psychologist and whatnot, until I realized I was too fragmented and exhausted for responsible positions like that. Now I feed people and paint / draw / write as much as my body/mind allows me to.

FoF: What do you do? And why do you like it?

FV: I write and draw a surreal horror webcomic called Weaker Sides. This story’s been my passion project for years and I’m nowhere near finished with it. I love working on it because it shows my transformation. When I started, I was in a pretty hopeless mindset, which shows in the first chapters, but recently I’m taking it to a more hopeful place. Horror, to me, doesn’t mean much if there’s no sense of hope to counter it.

FoF: Explain a little bit of your process? Where do you find your inspiration?

FV: I draw a lot of inspiration from music; I don’t think I could create anything much without it. I’m also fuelled by all the weirdness and otherness that accompanies youth, or the time I spent together with friends, trying to make art and discover ourselves.

FoF: What drew you to horror in the first place?

FV: A sense of comfort. I’ve felt out of place and disgusted with this world for a long time, and many of the horror films / comics / games that I enjoy reflect this feeling. Body horror especially; I’ve gone from living in a female body to inhabiting a male body. It takes years of patience and tons of hormones to get there. To me, this was a pretty exhausting and challenging process; if that’s not body horror, I don’t know what is.

FoF: What is your favorite horror work? (Movie, Show, Art, Book, whatever you want)

FV: In visual terms: the works of Fuyuko Matsui and Takato Yamamoto, Vania Zouravliov and Sam Webers.

I love horror novels / works like House of Leaves and MotherHorseEyes. They truly terrified me. I can appreciate that.

The Silent Hill games have made a deep impression on me. I’ll never forget playing Silent Hill 2 & 3 with my girlfriend late at night, in our dilapidated student rooms, trying to figure it all out. The art direction, the story, the music – I love them.

FoF: What has been your favorite thing you have gotten to work on doing this?

FV: A friend of a friend commissioned me to create a comic based on a specific setting and song that are very dear to him. A story about the Apocalypse coming to a small town providing hapless soldiers to another senseless war.

FoF: What role do you think your specific style of art plays in the community overall?

FV: I have no effing clue

FoF: Anything you are working on that you want to highlight? (Commissions, flash sales, new project?)

FV: I’m compiling a set of artworks based on visions of another world, a strange and soothing realm. You can view them at www.the-other-world.com

FoF: If you could do anything with any horror franchise, what would it be?

FV: I’d make sure the Hannibal TV show got its fourth damn season.

FoF: Anything else you’d like to say?

FV: Your body is the only constant in your life, no matter how strange or faulty. Try and take good care of it.

Thank you so much to Falco for sharing this artwork and words of wisdom with us!

You can stay in touch with Falco on Twitter and check out the full portfolio and webcomic as well!

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