What Was Raúl Dreaming?

Written by: Jonathan Rosa

From: Raúl Delgado Sent: Tuesday, October 8, 2019 9:05 AM Subject: Urgent – Psychic Phenomena Diary

I’m sorry if I’m interrupting you but I wanted to send you with great urgency these issues that I’m having in my mind. I understand that you are occupied due to your research on dreams and minds; but, please read this. I’m losing it and can’t control it. There are countless of log files of my diary which you may understand what I’m experiencing, but some are important. As you finished reading it, contact me as fast as you can. Thank you for your attention.
Respectfully, Raúl Delgado

August 16, 2019

Log File #65
Today was so exhausting at work, the same complaint man keeps appearing with dumb excuses. He wants me to file a complaint against my manager for not attending his construction meeting. I can’t stand these people whom I’ve been orienting for months about the procedures of this construction insurance co. I don’t want to go to details because I’m tired and as this man keeps yelling and insulting me, I’m gonna make him lose his mouth. Unfortunately, I can’t since I’ll lose my job and I’m a coward. Thank God its Friday so I can talk to Beaver. Missed him so much and keeps me company even if we are living in separate countries. Let’s see how this goes.

August 17, 2019

Log File #66
Last night was amazing!!! As soon as my parents slept, I was talking with Beaver and he sent me his gorgeous photo. I don’t care if he’s bald but that face pose made me wet. Tying his sweet messages with his face was a dream come true. Never had a boyfriend but this provoke so many sparkles as well as some lustful impulses. I couldn’t handle it so I use that massage machine as a vibrator. Ha ha ha ha!!! At least I got creative since I wasn’t going to buy a real one.
Anyways, as I slept, I had a nightmare about my work. That fucking complaint man came back insulting me until I said to him:
“If you keep insulting me, you’ll remained speechless.”
The complaint man was so surprised that he shut his mouth and left the building. Walking slowly with a mixture of fear and clarity. I still don’t know how I kept remembering that line because it felt so real.

August 23, 2019

Log File #70
What the fuck!!! Can’t believe what’s happening when I confirmed it in the office. I heard in the radio about a disabled man who was murdered during a home invasion. Apparently, some thieves took his money and car, probably for drugs. What shocked me was the description of the victim:

  • Male in his 40s with no vocal cords. – Living alone in disarray. – Had packs of documents related to a construction insurance company.
    The gossips at work were so overwhelming that I was tired in hearing them. Yet, if this is the man who spew shit to me then he got a horrible death and worse, I dreamed about it!!! Did I foresee his future or I wished his death?!!! Anyways, that man wasted his life and ended in vain.
    To add, my day ended much worse. My great grandfather called me by telling me that he doesn’t want my help since I didn’t follow his alarms about his neighbor who supposedly threatened his privacy. Well, he transformed his home into a prison, putting spiking fences around it from the entrance to the backyard. WTF!!! I thought only the crazy’s gringos do that, but in this country, please! Can’t handle this too, my mom doesn’t want me to get involve but she hasn’t cooperated in this.

September 5, 2019

Log File #76:
Can’t sleep after last night’s nightmare. This one focused on my great grandfather. I saw him lying in the kitchen floor with terror and despair in his eyes and then, it stopped. No way he couldn’t call me or my parents. No way he couldn’t stand up. No way he couldn’t scream or be heard. There were no ways in that moment.
I’m frightened by this atrocity and still don’t understand these disturbing thoughts or dreams. After that man’s death, I became concern about it.

September 10, 2019

Log File #77
Today I attended my great grandfather’s burial. I’m speechless by how fast this happened. People say its normal to die by a heart attack and even terrifying to die alone. But I know that wasn’t the truth, I caused this or I foretold it. Lots of questions which leaves to the possibility of Briarnesis. Need to find more evidence about it.

October 1, 2019

Log File #80:
This spook season begins in fucking terror. Beaver break up with me since he can’t juggle long distance relationships which I tried to convince him otherwise, but he didn’t listen. I’m so mad at him for betraying my trust after I confessed my feelings and struggles and now, he leaves me with vague statements!! WTF is wrong with these people!!
To make it worse, I took an online test of Briarnesis from the American Psychological Association and it is highly probable that I have a mild development of it. Mild?! After two deaths that I triggered?!! Anyways, I’m still finding help and trying to schedule meetings.

October 7, 2019

Log File #81:
This can’t be happening. Oh my god, I can’t communicate with Beaver. I had a horrifying dream of his body torn apart in a highway and I can’t fathom this. I’m having anxiety attacks as I try to communicate with him. My parents are worried about me since I burst crying about it. I haven’t told them about my discoveries and won’t do so, just want to end this. However, I’m worried that I could trigger more grisly dreams with this.

October 8, 2019

Log File #82:
Thank goodness, I managed to find a French researcher studying Briarnesis in Europe. Huh, always the French are ahead on this. Still, this doctor Maritaud works with urgent cases of Briarnesis that are appearing all over Europe. This is my last chance to ask his help before my parents are next.
I had this terrible feeling that my parents are next to die due to my outburst at them. I think that my anger and sad emotions are triggering this. Still, I’ll send the doctor these confessions if he thinks he could help me.

From: Dr. Xavier Maritaud Sent: Thursday, October 10, 2019 15:23 PM Subject: Re: Urgent – Psychic Phenomena Diary

Reading your letters, I’m quietly interesting to hearing your case as you are the first Latin American; in this case, Puerto Rican suffering from these symptoms. When you have time, please schedule a date at our website: https://mi.eu.gov/services/appointments
Dr. Xavier Maritaud Head Researcher of the Maritaud Institute, MI

November 25, 2019


Avant mes vacances de Thanksgiving, je présente ce rapport partiel sur le comportement croissant de M. Delgado. Delgado a présenté ces dernières semaines un comportement de rêve erratique, comme nous l’avions prédit. Au cours de nos séances, M. Delgado m’a expliqué ses rêves en matière de compte à rebours de diverses catastrophes survenues dans son pays. Malheureusement, ces rêves se sont réalisés au milieu de fortes tremblements de terre qui ont continué à augmenter dans l’île, suivis d’un grand tremblement de terre. Notre spécialiste des médias nous a informés, ainsi que mon équipe, de chaque détail de ces tremblements de terre et répliques, confirmant ainsi le rêve de Delgado. En outre, ses parents sont décédés lors du séisme qui a gravement perturbé Raul. La même nouvelle tragique s’ensuit lorsque nous informons Raul que son ex-petit ami Beaver, dont le vrai nom est Joshua Collins, est décédé dans un accident de la route. Le comportement de Raul est devenu erratique pendant ces jours et est tombé dans une profonde dépression. Ainsi, il participe à divers programmes de santé mentale pour l’aider alors que mon unité tente de contrôler sa «briarnèse». En conclusion, les comportements de M. Delgado sont entrés dans les premières étapes du phénomène de la réalité croisée. Après cette semaine, mon unité commencera nos tests sur la réalité croisée autour d’un certain objet provenant d’une autre dimension.

Dr. Aureliano De La Serre Spécialiste Parapsychologue, MI

English Translation: Before my Thanksgiving holiday break, I give this partial report on Mr. Delgado’s increasing behavior. Delgado has exhibited these past few weeks erratic dream behavior as we predicted. Given our sessions, Mr. Delgado explained me his dreams involving countdowns of various disasters in his home country. Unfortunately, these dreams came true amid strong temblors that kept increasing in the island followed by a big earthquake. Our media specialist informed me and my team of every detail of these earthquakes and aftershocks which confirms Delgado’s dream details. In addition, his parents died during the earthquake which gravely disrupted Raul. The same tragic news follows as we informed Raul that his ex-boyfriend Beaver whose real name is Joshua Collins, died in a highway crash. Raul’s behavior turned erratic during these days and fell to a deep depression. Thus, he is attending various mental health programs to help him as my unit tries to control his “Briarnesis”. In conclusion, Mr. Delgado’s behaviors entered the first stages of cross-reality phenomena. After this week, my unit will commence our tests on crossreality around a certain object from another dimension.

Dr. Aureliano De La Serre Parapsychologist Specialist, MI

December 25, 2019

Maritaud Entry #46 – Delgado’s Case
Après deux mois d’analyse du cas de M. Delgado, qui confirme le premier cas de «briarnesis» en Amérique latine, ses symptômes se sont aggravés au moment où il a commencé à plonger dans une réalité croisée. Des incidents se sont produits dans l’un de nos centres ainsi qu’à Porto Rico. Fort d’une longue volonté d’aider cet homme, M. Delgado n’a pas pu se contrôler et est décédé tragiquement par suicide. Son corps est toujours examiné pendant que l’institut coordonne une inhumation appropriée à côté de la tombe de ses parents. Pendant ce temps, ma conférence en Suède mettra bien en lumière nos idées sur cette affaire alors que l’institut se rapproche des phénomènes de réalité croisée qui gagnent en popularité dans les médias. Néanmoins, cela concerne tout le monde alors que nous découvrons de plus en plus de sujets latino-américains qui expérimentent la «briarnesis» dans un éventail d’effets troublants. Dans l’ensemble, M. Delgado sera commémoré et marqué comme sujet 0 de la branche latinoaméricaine. Il est profondément triste d’avoir perdu ce brave homme qui a besoin d’aide, ce que nous essayons de faire. Heureusement, son cas nous aidera à sauver plus de vies et à approfondir d’autres phénomènes inexpliqués.
Dr. Xavier Maritaud Chercheur en chef de l’Institut Maritaud

English Translation:
After two months of analyzing Mr. Delgado’s case which confirms the first “Briarnesis” case in Latin America, his symptoms became worse as it started to dive into cross-reality. Incidents occurred at one of our centers as well as in Puerto Rico. With a long determination to help this man, Mr. Delgado couldn’t control himself and tragically died by suicide. His body still examined as the institute coordinates a proper burial alongside his parents’ grave. Meanwhile, my conference in Sweden will properly highlight our insights of this case as the institute moves closer towards cross-reality phenomena which is gaining popularity in the media. Still, this concerns everyone as we uncovered more Latin American subjects who are experiencing “Briarnesis” in an array of troubling effects. Overall, Mr. Delgado will be commemorated and marked as Subject 0 of the Latin American branch. It is deeply sad to have lost this fine man who sought help which is what we are trying to do. Thankfully, his case will help us save more lives and go deeper into more other unexplained phenomena.

Dr. Xavier Maritaud Head Researcher of the Maritaud Institute

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