Have You Dreamed This Man?

Written by: Jonathan Rosa

Looks like there is no way to escape the dreamworld after all. Even worse, the people who want to manipulate it and use it for their own advantage begin drifting away into an endless dream space. As we dream walk, we get lost but keep discovering more about its nature that shape us and traumatizes us. It is overwhelming but we must fight it; the same thing that Ginn tries to do. 

Tremor Dose (2019) is a psychological horror comic written by Michael Conrad and illustrated by Noah Bailey and published by Comixology which details the terrifying dream voyage of college med student, Ginn Morris. She attends a research interview conducted at the Milford Institute of Technology where she is questioned of a mysterious being called the Dream Man. Apparently, this being has appeared in lots of dreams across the country; thus, researchers Dean and Gloria are trying to understand the nature of the Dream Man. On the other hand, Ginn recounts her dreams and nightmares where she witnesses the Dream Man appearing in grotesque and unexplained dreams of her life. Moments where she witnesses family pain and its frightened. As Ginn tries to explain the nature also, she goes a step further in trying to make contact with the Dream Man. A contact that can affect her safety in reality and in dreams.

As the contact beings, revelations unravel regarding the identity of the Dream Man as well as the global conspiracy of dream manipulation for marketing and military technology. As Ginn and other candidates join together to escape their dreams, they are derailed by both the Milford Institute of Technology and their big boss, Somni Corp. Learning what is Tremor Dose(dream-walking), Ginn embarks on a solo quest of survival and protection for future candidates as the dream world becomes a hostile environment.

Tremor Dose showcases a new take on the concept of dreams gone rogue which has been presented in films like A Nightmare On Elm Street, Paprika and Inception. Dreams are a distorted manifestation of our life experiences and personality. An uncharted territory that its better to not interfere for the sake of ensuring the safety of the subject. Unfortunately, others want to exploit it and convert it as a captivity for everyday dreamers. However, power and control start to diminish as internal forces decide who is in charge of the dreamworld. The interesting aspect of this comic is the trauma that affects the dreamers as it twists their dreams and turns them into nightmares. Like Paprika, Tremor Dose offers similar elements of the nature of dreams and how it can be manipulated with grave consequences. However, Tremor Dose offers a horror approach to this matter by examining the way our dreams reflect our lives. Nevertheless, Tremor Dose is a great comic whose story will keep going as our dreams continue flowing.

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