Top of 2019

Everything on this list should be sought out to watch. I have decided not to include mini reviews of the films, as these should all be watched without opinion. These films are not presented in order or any certain ranking.

Most of these have reviews here on the site, or on my letterboxd at

Seriously, seek these features out. This year was insane for horror and genre features, and it only makes me more excited for this year.

Midsommar (Director’s Cut) – Dir. Ari Aster

The Lighthouse – Dir. Robert Eggers

Parasite – Dir. Bong Joon Ho

I Trapped The Devil – Dir. Josh Lobo

Doctor Sleep – Dir. Mike Flanagan

Bliss – Dir. Joe Begos

Ready Or Not – Dir. Matt Bettinelli- Olpin, Tyler Gillet

The Head Hunter – Dir. Jordan Downey

Hellboy – Dir. Neil Marshall

Tigers Are Not Afraid – Dir. Issa Lopez

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark – Dir. André Øvreda

Crawl – Dir. Alexandre Aja

Gwen – Dir. William McGregor

It Chapter 2 – Dir. Andy Muschetti

Belzebuth – Dir. Emilio Portes

Annabelle Comes Home – Dir. Gary Dauberman

Chernobyl – Dir. Johan Renck

Harpoon – Dir. Rob Grant

Body At Brighton Rock – Dir. Roxanne Benjamin

US – Dir. Jordan Peele

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