BOOK REVIEW: Imaginary Friend (2019)

By Jordan Gerdes

Imagine if an author of one of the best YA novels of all time decided to write a 700+ page horror epic.

Stephen Chbosky(The Perks of Being a Wallflower) channels Stephen King here, creating a sincerely creepy story that weaves and winds it’s way into something ancient and evil. I never thought I’d read something that I could accurately compare to The Stand, but this may be it.

A child moves to a new town, meets an imaginary friend who urges him to build a tree house to stop everyone from dying on Christmas Day. Sounds bonkers, but it just goes for it. The first 50-60 pages are downright terrifying. The last 300 pages are genius level storytelling.

Seriously, as someone who rarely steps outside the Stephen King canon, this book had me up late at night, reading as fast as I could and very creeped out. There is no other word for it than epic.

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