Carrion – Game Review

If you are like myself, you have watched a movie like The Thing and wondered what it would be like to be the amorphous parasite, sneaking from room to room only to unleash your fury on an unsuspecting lab worker. While we may never get the chance to roam the North American research station in […]

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The Long Christmas And A Cold New Year

Written by: Jonathan Rosa Season’s Greetings Gotham City!!! As the holidays descend on the gothic and somber city bringing joy as always, it never lasts. Criminals in every corner that dwell in the darkness are now invading the snowy and cold streets of Gotham City. Petty criminals, crime syndicates and deranged monsters prepare their gifts […]

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Have You Dreamed This Man?

Written by: Jonathan Rosa Looks like there is no way to escape the dreamworld after all. Even worse, the people who want to manipulate it and use it for their own advantage begin drifting away into an endless dream space. As we dream walk, we get lost but keep discovering more about its nature that shape us and traumatizes us. It is overwhelming but we […]

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