Podcasts Index

If you want to check out some great listening, here is a list of shows that I highly recommend for horror fans. This list is constantly growing. Feel free to reach out if you’d like us to put your show on here as well!

Macabre Media Podcast-

One of our guest writers’ own horror podcast. Kaleb is funny, well versed in the genre, and has an excellent eye for critically analyzing horror films. You will love this one.


Flash Of The Blade –

Produced by Alex and Anthony, possibly the two biggest horror nerds I know, this podcast has covered some new films, as well as some seriously deep cuts from the 80’s and 90’s. I cannot wait for more episodes of this.


The Last Podcast on the Left –

Hilarious, well researched, and often deeply dark looks at everything from serial killers, to UFOs, to cults and beyond. Huge backlog for plenty of listening.


The Narrow Caves –

S. Craig Zahler wrote this dramatic audioplay about a sinister curse, hidden family history, and the boyfriend that is thrust into something horrific. I was skeptical at first but burned through this very quickly. Fangoria approved.


Gargantucast! –

A Kaiju/Giant Monster focused podcast that sets it’s sights on the terrors too big for the silver screen. Just joining the Something Ghoulish Network, this podcast is a delight, as I was raised on Toho era Godzilla. Bi weekly and hosted by Chris McDonald and Cole Grisson. Check it out.